Advanced Inch Loss Treatment creates different natural procedures in the cell which empowers the right usefulness of the cells, enacts bio-incitement, animates small scale dissemination and advances metabolic hyper-initiation. Advanced Inch Loss Treatment is viable in fat diminishment, skin fixing, body molding and significantly more.

At LOOK n SHAPE, we take after an all encompassing methodology. We don’t investigate your body with different weight lessening methods. Along these lines, we don’t suggest any crash eats less, weight reduction pills or strenuous activities that may acquire ominous impacts.


Cryolipolysis is a medicinal treatment this utilized for evacuating fat cells. This is totally non-surgical procedure to liposuction. This is likewise said as fat solidifying method. This treatment depends on controlled cooling around 4 Celsius for non-obtrusive limited reduction of fat to reshape body shapes. The cooling presentation makes the cells of subcutaneous fat tissue bite the dust however it doesn’t hurt overlying skin.

cryolipolysis treatment then the new body you get it will be changeless. You will be glad subsequent to realizing this is more moderate treatment than different medicines. One all the more thing that you get that is security as it doesn’t have any sort of hazard.


LOOK n SHAPE Non-Surgical Lipo Suction depends on the standard of Ultrasonic waves in a particular range from 20-70 KHz that can cause the supposed “cavitation” impact: concentrate high vitality waves makes smaller scale rises of vapor inside the adiposities and in the interstitial fluids of cellulite; on account of the fluid’s rotation of a few stage, development and pressure, the adiposities implodes with the subsequent arrival of water and fat that will be used by the liver.

In the interim, a high recurrence (Radio Frequency electric wave) 8 muti-polar RF (for body), 4 polar RF for confront and Bipolar RF for confront and eye is connected to the profound issue to fortify the collagen. RF electric wave expands the impact of cavitation, as well as lifts and fixes the skin. It’s ideal for body molding. this program is powerful for cellulite and boundary decrease, Body forming and synchronous Collagen reestablishment and skin fixing.


At LOOK n SHAPE we introces advance vaccume fat dissolve machine. By this technique stubborn fat converted into soft fat nd they break into small molecule and that’s why they easily drainout from our body . this will help in easy mobilization of localized fat.


Cavi-Lipo is a relatively new, highly advanced, FDA-approved fat-removal technique. It is non-invasive and uses a cavitation effect to break down fat cells safely, without in any way harming the surrounding body tissue and organs. The excess released fat is thereafter metabolized naturally through the liver.

The advantages of this technique are many-there is no pain, use of anesthesia or antibiotics, zero downtime and great, visible results. It is equally effective for both genders and is frequently used to treat areas such the belly, breasts, upper arms, bra-edge, double chin , thighs, hips, etc.


Body wraps are treatments designed to tighten your skin, eliminate toxins, help with temporary inch loss and/or soothe tired muscles. There are different wraps available tailored at different needs, so some will be slimming and detoxifying, some may be a specific inch loss wrap, whereas others will be relaxing and revitalising. What type of body wraps are available? There are many different wraps available but some of the most popular include: • algae wrap (nourishes and detoxifies) • chocolate wrap (has anti-ageing properties and tones) • clay wrap (detoxifies, cleanses and firms) • mud wrap (detoxifies, cleanses and firms) • oil wrap (nourishes and moisturises) • paraffin wrap (moisturises and reduces muscle aches) • seaweed wrap (hydrates and firms).


At LOOK n SHAPE, we routinely get queries for quick-fix solutions for cellulite, overall weight loss or spot weight reduction. Cellulite, one of the most common concern areas, generally makes its appearance .

Mesotherapy is an ideal solution. This non-invasive technique is favoured over liposuction because it is non-invasive in nature. It can be used to treat obesity as well as stubborn cellulite deposit areas in otherwise thin . Body areas commonly treated include the buttocks, arms, thighs, abdomen, and legs, apart from saddlebags or love handles, which are particularly tough to get rid of despite diet and exercise.

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