Hair loss, which is extremely upsetting, agonizing even, affects much more than the appearance of men and women. It also lowers self-esteem and confidence. It seems to afflict people at much younger ages than it did before, and affects both men and women in equal measure. It is estimated that at the current rate, 50 per cent of men and 40 per cent of women would suffer from thinning/loss of hair before they turn 50!

About 50% of the total female population experiences hair loss/hair thinning , leading to a huge loss in confidence and even depression over the deterioration of their once-crowning glory. Female Pattern Hair Loss could be due to many factors, like stress, sudden weight loss or poor diet, hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy or menopause, or female-pattern baldness, which is usually hereditary.If you are suffering from hair loss, the most important thing is to look into finding the right cure.


Hair loss specially at any age can be very discouraging and disappointing. It can vandalize the self-esteem of an individual. This situation is even worse when topical treatments, shampoos and medicines do not yield any results. Now the good news is that scientists have revealed that PRP therapy can support hair restoration and hair regrowth.

PRP has come as a new hope for the people who are left with hair transplant as their only option for hair regrowth and because this being a invasive option is not something that most people are willing to undergo. PRP treatment is a richbiomatrix that repairs and remodels damaged hair tissue and can support hair restoration. PRP is capable of being an extremely effective treatment for your thinning and falling hair. When the PRP is injected into the scalp, it often results in thicker and healthier hair.


It also refers to Non invasive Hair Replacement” refers to a specific non-invasive hair loss solution. A team of doctors & trained medical practitioners will first take a mold of the individual’s head and hair. Thereafter, they proceed to design the hair system, taking into account age-appropriate recession of the hairline, the hairline itself, cowlicks and parting. A hair sample is taken to match the exact color, and then the entire hair system is created.


LOOK n SHAPE Breakage therapy is a reasonable, straightforward and low thickness arrangement provided in a sanitized glass syringe that advances blood course in the scalp, revives hair follicles, prompts hair development by expanding the extent of the hair follicle and stops male pattern baldness. The Filler includes the best and seven in number utilitarian peptides for hair development.contingent upon different variables like the force/phase of the hair fall, age and the financial plan of the client. Nonetheless, Breakage therapy is the most progressive and effective choice for treatment of Hair Loss.

Undifferentiated cells, Hair Boosters and Breakage therapy vary in their peptide content.Breakage therapy have a peptide substance of 7, Boosters have a lesser substance i.e. 3.5 and Stem cells have the minimum peptide substance of 2.2. Furthermore, along these lines the adequacy of the treatment additionally fluctuates according to the abundance in peptide content.Breakage therapy can bolster all the prior Hair fall medicines and give better, speedier and enduring outcomes.

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