Weight loss is often considered a delicate topic when it is related to the discussion of one’s appearance rather than discussing it in the light of staying healthy and fit. Nowadays, majority of the people aim to lose weight with the aim to look better or a certain way however, it is necessary to understand that it is linked with keeping oneself healthy and fit.

To determine how much weight loss is healthy and necessary for a person, one can calculate their BMI (Body Mass Index). This helps in measuring the body fat based on weight and height and helps in estimating the weight status. The BMI number can help you determine the weight that you need to lose depending upon the range it falls within.

It is considered ideal to lose 0.5-1 kg in a week to ensure a sustainable and healthy weight loss. Anything beyond this range is not considered ideal and will not be sustainable as well. There is no one exact measure of kgs that you must lose as it is more about a person’s ability to lose weight and their commitment to it. When a person aims to stay fit and healthy it is necessary to understand that results can be achieved only with consistency. Regular exercise and a healthy diet play a major role in such cases. To reach the desired goal as well as for its maintenance it is necessary to eliminate any fad diets and crash diets as they can only provide results for the short term.

To stay fit in the current era it is necessary to understand that weight loss is not about the significant change in weight but about the development of healthy habits that eventually lead to weight loss while keeping the person healthy and fit.

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