LOOK n SHAPE Introduces Smart and Non-Invasive Weightloss Procedures to Shape Your Body.we have different advanced technique machine that will reduce your weight as well as localized area fat reduction.

We are also counseling about your daily schedule your BMI and according to your schedule our diet expert will provide to you balance diet.


Body contouring refers to the process of refining the shape of different parts of the external body. This may be necessary after periods of immense weight loss to remove any sagging skin and excess fat that may be unsightly. It also removes cellulite that accumulates under the skin to form dimples.

Indications in which it is sought for:-

1) Removal of excess localised fat in abdomen, thighs, arms, love handles, buttocks, double chin etc. 2) Cellulite reduction, more so in the lower body 3) Post liposuction/bariatric surgery skin tightening and contouring 4) Post pregnancy skin sagging and fat reduction.


Cellulite is the ripply appearance of the skin due to underlying disordered fat and fibrous tissue arrangement it may or may not be associated with obesity.

There are several causes of excessive fat deposition in the human body, including predisposing Genetic factors & lack of physical exercises.

Women are more likely to have excessive fat deposition and cellulite under the skin than men due to the difference in metabolic rates.

Persistent disorders in the metabolic process, as well as hormonal imbalances may bring about excessive fat deposition in a human body.

BODY CONTOURING done by our different adv technique like cavitation lipo, 3-d lipo, mesotherapy, anticellulite wrap therapy, cryotherapy etc.


Our advanced Multi-polar RF uses waves of different frequencies to create heat which penetrates several levels of fat and skin cells. A device that looks a bit like a shower head or ultrasound device is placed on the skin and is used to target problem areas for 15 to 60 minutes. When the waves reach tissue where collagen fibres are embedded, the heating process causes them to quickly contract and tightens the layers of skin. At the same time, the increase in temperature is supposed to boost the metabolism of fibroblasts (which basically means it almost magically seems to speed up collagen and elastin renewal), resulting in a smoother and younger looking complexion.

No. Of Sittings:-Usually 6 – 8 sittings required, at an interval of 10 days.

Result:-It causes the fat molecules to reduce in size, thus causing reduction in the width of the targeted area. Also causes skin to tighten.

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